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A Fresh Approach to Bible Engagement

Take your Bible reading from frustrating to fulfilling and connect with Scripture like you’ve always hoped.

Confused. Frustrated. Apathetic.

If you feel this way about the Bible, you’re not alone. The truth is, you’ve inadvertently been set up to fail.

Rather than continuing to struggle with Scripture, we need to question some norms and challenge the status quo.

By resetting a few key things about how you engage the Bible, you can become immersed in its grand narrative and begin living into God’s big story today.

Goodwin’s insights are practical, digestible, and will go a long way in helping frustrated believers reframe the Bible as a rich and complex grand narrative rather than a collection of bumper-sticker quotes. The faithful will be inspired.

– Publisher’s Weekly







01. We Can Do Better

02. Six Feet Under

03. Digging Up the Real Bible



04. Read Big

05. Read Together

06. Understand the Bible’s World



07. The Story We Find Ourselves In

08. The Six-Act Drama of Scripture

09. New Creation Improv

“As someone who grew up in the church, was raised on the Bible, and taught to read it from cover-to-cover, I struggled as a kid and as an adult to get through parts of the Bible that made no sense or didn’t seem relevant to me. How I wish a book like Alex Goodwin’s the Bible Reset had come along. Whether you love reading the Bible (or wish you did), the Bible Reset will forever change how you read the Bible. You’ll be drawn into the grand story God is telling that centers on Jesus. You may even get a bit of help from Hobbits.”

Carolyn Custis James
Author of Half the Church and Malestrom

“With an honest, accessible, and instructive style and approach, The Bible Reset presents that while our access to the Bible has never been easier, our understanding of how to engage with the Bible has never been lower. If you feel guilty, frustrated, and dissatisfied with your level of engagement of Scripture, Alex offers weary Bible readers a hopeful way forward. Dig into this good book and you’ll learn to shift your perspective in order to dig deeper and engage further with the Good Book.”

J.R. Briggs
Founder of Kairos Partnerships, author of The Sacred Overlap and Fail

“The people of God have long affirmed how crucial the Bible is to understanding and living our faith. But honestly, it can be a strange book—ancient and sometimes hard to understand. The research is clear that people don’t read it very much. Those who try will often struggle because they’ve been taught shortcuts that are untrue to what the Bible is. Alex Goodwin has set out to change this. He tells us the truth about the Bible, what it actually is and what we’re supposed to do with it. He writes with clarity, grace, and humor. This book is fun and insightful, bold and necessary. If the Bible is going to make a comeback, Goodwin shows us how.”

Glenn Paauw
Senior Fellow, Institute for Bible Reading

About the Author

Alex Goodwin is a co-founder of the Institute for Bible Reading and co-creator of Immerse: The Bible Reading Experience and Immerse: The Reading Bible, winner of the 2022 ECPA Bible of the Year Award. He lives in Colorado Springs, CO with his wife, Lacey, and their two children.

A self-described “regular guy,” Alex is not a scholar or a pastor – just a Christian who once struggled to connect with the Bible. He writes with empathy, reinforcing with his own story that the book’s promise is entirely doable.

Alex Goodwin, author of The Bible Reset